# Introduction - Program - CodePath.org :::warning This is in an alpha state, consider this an unfinished and incomplete draft. And any feedback is welcome! ::: This is meant to describe the CodePath.org programs, both current and future and provide alignment as we expand and grow. **Jump to a section on the left sidebar or select a section below:** - [Overview](/4Z6GbkWfSdWLVcLM6Z1xdQ) - Get an overview of our mission and our course offerings. - [Student Impact Objectives](/Lm-hdEmyRWyxdie8Lc3Cfw) - Review our core objectives and impact goals for students. - [Principles](/BcJ8xUvDQRiBJlf9xc1Agg) - Read through the guiding principles that govern our program development. - [Programs Breakdown](/Dxo7QDFpQ2WLeS8sHaaNIA) - Take a closer look at how our courses work. - [Measuring Program Quality](/a7zfc3WERSeY-va92Zqvdg) - Understand how we think about program quality - [Course Inventory](/zbpRUWviSU-XfIIpdycTOg) - Review our current program offerings and those being developed. - [Student Journey](/t87G1kIyRH6QW1RaG3vweQ) - Review our technical mastery framework and sample student plan. - [Course References](/7fFgIsEJSCCMD4nonjKkVA) - Review our existing course syllabuses and guides. **Or review these additional informational appendix guides:** - [Software Fundamentals Series](/CtNuDq_MQyuepRWJ-yIOWg) - Overview of the software fundamentals course series - [Designing Effective Education](/tG9pKPhMTnaYrqQMs1CPVw) - Reviewing the ingredients of effective education - [Scalable Education Model](/bI4Tpa4fTSa4zOcTdQrUow) - Reviewing a model for scalable education - [Science of Learning](/C8SJKzsUStOQJS3Ma-15jQ) - Reviewing the scientific models for learning - [Learning Platform](/l9lESNwvTQqi6iVbT89sRg) - Summary of our technology platform and tools powering our programs - [Deploying and Analyzing Courses](/ofvt3gWYTZm83Bxp5LPH7w) - Understand how we deploy and improve our courses. - [Miscellaneous](/3us4WX3WSQeezoSa57WkEA) - Additional information about our programs --- :page_facing_up::arrow_right: **Next:** Check out the [Programs Overview](/4Z6GbkWfSdWLVcLM6Z1xdQ).